The classic Ancol Heritage Leather Collar is a timeless and hardy accessory for your dog, produced in a time-honoured design. Each one is stamped with the 'Heritage' mark that indicates Ancol's leather history and assures our customers the collar has been made by their skilled workforce in the UK. This robust collar is made from the finest-quality bridle leather making it both supple and strong, ensuring longevity and your dog's comfort. The leather's quality and beauty is showcased by the collar's clean and unfussy design.  The collar is completed with a satin-finish buckle and D-ring for easy removal and lead attachment. 

The Ancol Heritage Leather Collar is available in three traditional colours: tan, black, and red.

Heritage Leather and Leather-Handled Chain leads are available from Ancol in the same style and colour to complement the Heritage Leather Collar. 

Ancol Heritage Leather Collar (Red)

  • Size Length (neck fitting) Width
    1 20 - 26 cm 1.6cm
    2 26 - 31 cm 1.6cm
    3 28 - 36 cm 1.6cm
    4 35 - 43 cm 1.9cm
    5 39 - 48 cm 2.2cm
    6 45 - 54cm 2.5cm
    7 50 - 59cm 2.5cm
    8 55 - 63cm 2.5cm




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