The Ancol Heritage Round Leather Collar is a timeless and hardy accessory for your dog.  This collar features the finest quality bridle leather in a deep chestnut wrapped around a nylon core for strength. While round collars reduce the flattening of fur on long coats this classically designed collar in deep chestnut is a stylish and comfortable accessory for any dog. The leather's quality and beauty are showcased by the collar's clean and unfussy design.  The collar is completed with a satin-finish buckle and D-ring for easy removal and lead attachment. Heritage Leather and Leather-handled Chain leads can be bought from Ancol to complement the Heritage Round Leather Collar. 

Ancol Heritage Round Leather Collar (Chestnut)

  • Size Length (neck fitting) Width
    1 20 - 26 cm 1.6cm
    2 26 - 31 cm 1.6cm
    3 28 - 36 cm 1.6cm
    4 35 - 43 cm 1.9cm
    5 39 - 48 cm 2.2cm
    6 45 - 54cm 2.5cm
    7 50 - 59cm 2.5cm
    8 55 - 63cm 2.5cm